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About Mike Williams

Rarely are the terms “hilarious-storyteller-songwriter-theologian” used in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person, but then again, Mike is anything but stereotypical! Mike has 30+ years of church and para-church ministry leadership and has been featured on numerous television and radio programs. For three decades, he toured with the most memorable names in the Christian music industry, wrote comedy for some noted television stars, won the Gospel Music Association Dove award for Comedian of the Year, Recorded a Dry Bar Comedy Special, a Bananas Television Comedy Special, is played daily on SiriusXM, recorded eighteen audio/video projects, and written twenty books while flying over 5 million miles on Delta and American airlines. His list of personal references is impressive.

He and his wife of 38 years co-authored a marriage book entitled Men Moved To Mars When Women Started Killing The Ones On Venus and numerous other books. His four children are a constant source of material for him.

Mike is a rescued child from an inner-city mother in trauma, who came to faith through his adopted parents. Years later, Mike and his wife, Terica, went on to rescue/adopt a child from a very similar background. His story will inspire any audience.

In 2010, Mike and his family stepped away from comedy to start a mission ( that still thrives today, evangelizing, serving trafficked children, and feeding poor people living in a garbage dump. Shortly after they partnered with Jack Eason, expanding the work to Malawi, and Mexico City. Mike often says, “I want to live life more worthy of a statue than a tombstone.” The mission now has six schools, five churches, and fifteen full-time staff members.

Whether it is for a Sunday morning service, an outreach event, Seniors Luncheon, marriage event, mission conference, church-wide date night, or workers banquet, Mike will not disappoint! Get ready to receive a lot of kudos for bringing Mike to your event.

Mike often speaks at Pastor Conferences on the topic of stewardship. His two new Renovate Publishing books, Cultivating A Generous Church, and The Whatever Life Hack, are both proving to be a financial blessing to the local church.

Mike's Testimony

Mike was born on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois, to a Mother who could not afford the four children she already had, certainly not the new one on the way. This family had the usual trappings of poverty, including alcoholism, addictions, absent father. Mike’s brother was killed in the streets at 17 years old, and another brother died in prison at 17. His two sisters followed an unfortunate path as adolescents. Mike met his biological father for the first time and only time when he was 27 years old. But Mike was rescued. Mike was given up for adoption, a choice that would ultimately save his life. Dropped into a very-very conservative Christian home, the fun was about to start. You will weep for joy when you hear him tell about the rescue of his soul.

Mike learned to speak to crowds, keeping listeners awake while working with his father at rescue missions, and hundreds of public school presentations over the years. He has taught comedy at Dynamic Communicator Workshop.

Mike and his wife adopted their first child after 12 years of marriage and went on to have 3 more. That adopted child came from a similar background to him.

After being married for 25 years, they put their house on the market and moved to the Dominican Republic to develop the Crossover-Cups Mission, a rescue ministry for sexually trafficked girls and a feeding program for people living in a garbage dump. They continue to fund a portion of that work through Mike’s comedy presentations in the United States.

You will be moved and inspired as you hear the story of the grace of God in Mike’s life. Mike’s past, it is not his present. Mike will have you laughing your socks off at the real-life humor around you. Mike is a serious and positive speaker, whose style makes people laugh while presenting an uplifting life-changing message. You may have heard his comedy and testimony through his tours with major bands like Mercy Me, Switchfoot, Casting Crowns, and more. You may have heard him at a major Music festival,  Focus On The Family, Gaither Praise Gathering, PRC Banquets, and hundreds of churches across the country. Along the journey has garnered a GMA / CCA Dove Award, Grady Nutt Humor Award, authored 16 books, 14 CDs, and 4 DVDs. Mike likes to stay busy! Mike has shared the stage with diverse personalities like Phil From Duck Dynasty to Rick Santorum. Mike Huckabee called him the funniest guy he had ever shared the stage with.